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Selling Your Practice


Why do you need a Transition Specialist or Practice Broker?
Selling a practice is a delicate and intricate process. In fact, many people who have tried to sell a practice on their own have failed for reasons that could have been prevented. This is where the experience of an intermediary comes in: 

  • To keep buyers on the table and negotiate to maximize your profit. 

  • Minimizing your risk while selling your practice is our specialty.

  • We represent you (not the buyer). This means that we work for you and make sure the buyer accomplishes their full due-diligence every step of the way.

Why choose Elias Partners to Sell your Practice?

  • For peace of mind reinforced by years of combined experience 

  • To address the needs unique to your retirement or transition

  • We minimize your risk and maximize your profit

The company was founded by Tony Urresti and Kristin Tippit  who have a long history of experience and education in this field.  Our agents are responsive, effective and trained by the best in the business.  We leverage technology to automate tasks and 


  • Resourceful – we can point you in the right direction for CPAs, Attorneys & more

  • Free Consultations – let one of our agents show you how knowledgeable we are

  • We help you put the right value in your practice

Practice Valuations

Before you list with us our agents will give you a range of value on what we feel the market will bear.   If you need a formal written professional evaluation report  we can do one as well.  The cost is $3,500 for a formal evaluation.  But our verbal valuation when you list with us is free. 

Our method for practice evaluation is simple and complementary to our service. We have created a proprietary matrix to score and balance all aspects of value for your practice. In addition, our practice financing department will review your financials to make sure it adheres to our credit policy as well as the policies of major banks. 

You’ll have a very good idea of what the value will come in at without surprises before we present your practice to the market. A million dollar practice valuation is not worth much if no bank in the nation is willing to finance it.

  • Proprietary practice analysis that will maximize your practice’s value

  • Financing arm with 100% practice financing so you can take your cash at closing

  • Our agents are backed by our in-house marketing team that is in charge of maximizing confidentiality

  • A registered buyer will receive a professional comprehensive package that details your opportunity an overview of your practice valuation. Highest level of confidentiality maintained from start to finish

  • The largest network of buyers in the nation (from Private to Corporate) 

  • Dedicated marketing team to create a professional and easy to understand package

Preparing to Sell your Practice

Selling a practice can be a smooth transition with the right company behind you. If you are thinking about selling your practice, call us today for a free consultation 888-714-0808 or fill out the form below and you will be contacted by one of our agents. 


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