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Buying a Practice


Guide to Buying a Practice

Buying a practice can lead to a rewarding career, but trying to choose the right practice can be scary. Not having somebody on your side to guide you through the process could lead you to future struggles. Elias Partners can help pinpoint the right practice for you. We have helped thousands of people like you over thirty years by providing them with practices that are pre-approved and ready for financing. 

Whether you’re buying into a practice, buying a third practice or just need financing to purchase a practice outside of our own inventory, we can provide you with all the resources necessary to secure, finance and reinforce your next practice purchase.

Already Found a Practice You Want To Purchase? 

Congratulations! Click here to get pre-approved for practice financing. 

Our rates are aggressive, flexible and can beat most of the banks out there. We offer 100% practice financing and can also provide you with other resources like referrals to attorneys or CPAs. We evaluate and finance practices that are outside of our own inventory including “For Sale by Owner” and other broker listings. Approval for financing usually takes between 5 to 7 business days


  • We Offer up to 100% Practice Financing

  • Free, No Obligation Consultations With Practice Finance Agents

  • We Help Evaluate And Qualify Your Practice For Financing

  • Don’t Miss Your Next Great Opportunity – Register Now and get updated emails on our new listings!

Most of our practice listings are available for viewing on our website, but some of our most exciting opportunities don’t even make to that phase. This is because our registered buyers have priority exposure and receive updates much sooner than non-registered buyers and the general public. Registration is free and takes less than a minute. Be the first to know about any new practice for sale in your area by registering today.

Complete the Quick Buyer Registration Form on the bottom of this page 

Elias Partners Practices for Sale are Nationwide

Once you have completed your free buyer registration, you will immediately have the ability to receive e-mail notifications about practice purchase opportunities available in your demographic areas of interest. With these e-mails comes a courtesy link that highlights each practice opportunity. Our exclusive distribution is convenient and helps you find the practice of your dreams. 

Practice Valuation

Each practice listing is carefully examined and compared to recent practice sales data as well as financial, demographic and operations information. Here are just a few of the factors we take into consideration:

  • Location and Demographics

  • Types of Services Rendered

  • Types of Insurances Offered To Patients - FFS, HMO, PPO, Medicare, Medicaid & Cap

  • Type of Equipment (Age, Brand, Condition, etc.)

  • High-End Equipment 

  • Average Production Per Patient

  • Production By Provider Reports

  • Fee Schedules

  • Duration of Transition/Availability of Seller During Transition

Purchasing a Practice 

Once we present you with a practice that you are interested in purchasing, you can complete an online Buyer Confidentiality Agreement. After submitting your e-signed Buyer Confidentiality Agreement, the practice sales agent representing your practice of interest will provide you with a Buyer’s Package of information specific to you practice(s) of interest along with any other details you might be interested in obtaining. Future meetings and conversations can be coordinated by the assigned practice sales agent to develop an effective channel of communication between you and the seller. 

Motivated Buyers Attract Motivated Sellers

Buying a practice gives you the freedom to be your own boss and secure your financial well-being. As an associate, you are compensated based off your production, but you are limited to the growth potential of your income. On average, practices collect 35-45% of gross collections. Making the commitment to buy a practice can help you achieve your professional, creative and financial goals. Stop limiting your potential and complete your buyer registration today to get the process started. 

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