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SBA Practice Refinance Including Real Estate

There are many reasons to Refinance and/or Consolidate your SBA practice debt.  

  • Lower your monthly Debt Payments & Increase cash flow 

  • Switch from variable debt to fixed debt 

  • Lower your interest rate 

  • Use the savings to reinvest in your practice 

  • Help fund retirement 

  • Simplify your finances 

  • Release Personal Collateral such as your primary residence

  • Reduce the cost of your insurance for your loans 

  • Convert Credit Card Debt into something manageable

  • Untie assets


Are you feeling constrained by rate and cashflow by the terms of your current SBA loan for your healthcare practice? We have an amazing conventional product for you. 

You can now refinance your SBA loan to a conventional practice loan, tailored specifically to meet the needs of healthcare professionals like you. Here's why you should consider this option:

Lower Fixed Rates: Say goodbye to the uncertainty of fluctuating rates. With a conventional practice loan, you can enjoy a lower fixed rate, providing stability and predictability to your financial planning. 

Release of Personal Collateral: Are you currently putting your home or other personal assets on the line? Refinancing to a conventional loan can release you from this burden, allowing you to protect your personal assets and secure your financial future.

Flexible Insurance Requirements: We understand that navigating insurance requirements can be daunting. With a conventional practice loan, the insurance requirements are not as stringent, providing you with more flexibility and peace of mind.

Reduced Interest Rates: If you're currently dealing with a variable rate on your SBA loan, it's time for a change. By refinancing to a conventional loan, you could potentially secure a fixed rate as low as the mid 6%, locked in for a generous 10-year term.

Please let you take advantage to refinance your SBA loan and unlock greater financial freedom for your healthcare practice.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can tailor a conventional practice loan to suit your specific needs. Let's work together to ensure financial health and success of your practice.

Call us today to for a free consultation 888-711-0808. or fill in our lead form and you will be connected with one of our sales agents.  

Click Here  and Scroll down to the form

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