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Optometry Practice Loans


Elias Partners offers optometry practice loans for optometrist nationwide.  We have a broad set of practice solutions to meet all of the optometrist's financial needs during practice ownership.

Elias Partners optometry practice loans rates are based on the lending risk so we can push boundaries that might not have been possible before.   Like a patients vision, all optometry practices are different and require a financial treatment plan to maximize benefits. 

What makes our Optometry Practice Loans Better?


  • Fast, Convenient and Secure

  • Dedicated Agent that specializes in Optometry Loans  - A Phone Call Away

  • We Consult on what is best for the Optometry& the Dental Practice

  • The Latest Automation Technology to expedite requests

  • Low Fixed Conventional Financing starting at 4.5%  (we also offer SBA loans)

  • Up to 100% financing including practice real estate

  • 1-15 years terms for dental practices and up to 25 years for practice real estate 

What are Optometry Practice Loans we cannot do?

  • Recent Bankruptcy 4 years or newer

  • Credit Score under 580

  • Ongoing Lawsuits

  • Active Dental License Suspensions

Optometry Practice Loan Types: Conventional and SBA loans

Optometry Practice Loans for Practice Acquisition - Owning an optometry practice is the highlight of a optometrist career.  100% Financing for a Optometry practice purchase including working capital & equipment. We offer Optometrist free consultation to determine the value of a potential purchase.  We help you understand the Optometry Practice Valuation formula so you can make more informed decisions on your Optometry practice purchase.

Optometry Practice Expansion & Remodels - Ready to rejuvenate your Optometry practice or Expand?  Our Optometry practice remodel and expansion loans we can add improvements, equipment & cash.
Optometry Office Relocations -  Moving your Optometry practice can benefit you in many ways.  Call us for a free consultation on your move. With our Optometry practice relocation and expansion loans include improvements, equipment & cash

Optometry Practice Refi - Consolidations  will increase your Optometry practice cash flow with lower payments and/or save money with a lower interest rate.  Fast and Easy Apply today.

Optometry Practice Startup Loans - Start working on your dream today.  Free consultation and projections for your Optometry startup loan. Starting a Optometry practice is very rewarding but has many risks that are overlooked. Call us today to weigh your options. 


Optometry Practice Real Estate Loans - Owning you practice real estate can be a great way to accumulate wealth.  Let us help you achieve the best loan for the smallest down payment.  In some cases 100% Real Estate Financing.  This financial leverage helps you to put more money away now and lower tax burdens.

Optometry Practice Equipment Loans - Application only up to $150,000. Nice and simple

Optometry Practice Working Capital Loans - From small cash projects, small consolidations to  emergency funds. 3-5 year terms for traditional working capital.  And short term for emergency capital.  Elias works with all credit and financial situations.

Apply for our Optometry Practice Loans today.

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