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Practice Refinance & Consolidation

There are many reasons to Refinance and/or Consolidate practice debt.  

  • Lower your monthly Debt Payments & Increase cash flow 

  • Switch from variable debt to fixed debt 

  • Lower your interest rate 

  • Use the savings to reinvest in your practice 

  • Help fund retirement 

  • Simplify your finances 

  • Convert Credit Card Debt into something manageable

  • Untie assets

We offer SBA and Conventional Loans.  

Conventional - Best Terms 

  • Concentrating on Dentist, Vets, Optometrist and Medical Doctors 

  • Practice Loans from 5.35%-6.00% Fixed for 10 Years. 

  • Practice Loans payments can be Amortized up to 15 Years for increased cash flow 

  • Consolidate Equipment Debts, Credit Lines & Add Working Capital

  • Low Fees and Closing Cost  - Faster, Less Paperwork & Less Headache 

  • If you had to add collateral such as a lien on personal property – we will release the lien at closing

SBA Aggressive Underwriting 

  • Concentrating on all Specialties

  • SBA promotes community job retention and economic growth 

  • SBA loans help doctors that have received unreasonable terms

  • Lower Credit Scores and/or past issues can be mitigated 

  • Projections Can push deals to approvals (we can help with projections)

  • 10 Year Terms with increased working capital 

  • Government backs 75% of the loan so we can take added risk 

Call us today to for a free consultation 888-711-0808.


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